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The project Mobilities for professionals and qualified employees of MSMEs (MobiliseSME) – funded by the EU-programme Employment and Social Innovation – PROGRESS, 2016-2017 – wants to analyse the opportunities for cross border mobility of employees of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the EU and its related benefits. The aim of the project is to assess the feasibility of the idea and to potentially open the way for a stable European scheme: a mobility plan for MSME-employees like the Erasmus Program is for university students.

Potential features of the scheme: 

The planned scheme will support employee exchange between companies in Europe. Some of the proposed features of the exchange scheme are the following:

  • It is open to any sort of SME in Europe and selected third countries
  • There will be help in finding suitable exchange partners through a matching service
  • There is no cost to the company hosting the employee on the exchange
  • Salaries and other benefits will continue to be paid by the sending company
  • Funding will be provided for travel and subsistence during the period of the exchange
  • The exchange will be between one to six months (this will be tested)

Potential benefits to the companies – those sending an employee and those hosting an employee –  are:

  • Employee development
  • Development / consolidation of business relations between SMEs
  • New international contacts
  • New knowledge about foreign markets
  • New ideas / approaches for the business
  • Expand / develop business in another country

Please find here the links to the survey in different languages.

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